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Nielsen Design is recognised as one of Australia’s leading industrial design consultancies. The company has received over 40 Australian and international design awards and has built a reputation for design excellence that extends to a wide range of stylistically and technically innovative products.

At Nielsen Design, the designers you meet produce the work. This personal service and continuity of designers on projects results in a high level of efficiency. Design and documentation is tailored to fit with client requirements and ensure continuity of the original creative concept to production.

Design passion and commitment to excellence is a major factor behind Nielsen Design’s reputation for a consistently high standard of product design. The studio’s work spans a broad range of industry categories and manufacturing technologies.

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Nielsen Design has a team of talented and experienced designers in a stimulating and well-equipped studio. Designers use the most up to date CAD software and have access to the on-site workshop and in-house 3D printer. The company has established relationships with prototyping agencies, toolmakers and manufacturing companies.

Nielsen Design is managed by Adam Laws who has over 25 years of experience in developing new product concepts, project management and manufacturing implementation.

The company has long standing relationships with educational institutions and contributes to the design community by guest lecturing, advising on design boards and judging for industry events.

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Nielsen Design consistently produces elegant design solutions through a systematic process from concept to production. Depending on the project this can include CAD modelling, photorealistic images, 3D form studies, mechanical test rigs and prototype models.

For some clients Nielsen Design undertakes research into the fundamental operating principles for a new product. This can result in the development of a new innovative solution that improves product function, quality and manufacture.

Nielsen Design has substantial project management experience and industry contacts for sourcing and coordinating consultant services and manufacturers.

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Nielsen Design has been awarded over 40 Australian and International Design Awards


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